Sunday, 1 March 2015

Yet Another Love Story

Finally he arrived at the town. He crossed the road, took a taxi and as he just started, the grey morning becomes bright. More blue and more sunny. Now, that’s the charm of love you see! Yes, today is the day he will meet her- after a long, long one year. He comes for a short vacation almost always at this time.  Days would just whiz by, he thought as he sits tight and firm on the taxi seat, looking here and there. Happiness peeped out behind the gooseberry tree and waved at him.  He waved back. “She said, come in green”, he thought and smile crossed his face. Smile crossed my face too. The clean shaved,  smart and bright ‘he’ is wearing a green kurta today for her. A green, very unique- say like the colour of a new leaf. Refreshing and eye-soothing.  Love and longing oozing out from his eyes as he more approaches towards the city.

She woke up from her bed. Put off the fan. The typical clatter of the fan, whirling in ‘point –one’ speed gave her company throughout last night. The sleepless night when she counted each second to see the day break. To see him. ” He must have arrived”- the first thing came to her mind as she opens her eyes. She hurried to get ready, excitement tucked to her leap.  She opened the cupboard, ruffled through the sarees grey, ash and brown and pulled out the red saree. No, not red, it’s orange.  Mmmm nah, not even orange it’s reddish. It’s actually a strange colour- a mélange of orange and red may be. "I want to see you in red"-he said before coming. And yes before closing the cupboard she pulled out all the sarees she raffled through- the grey, ash, brown and throwed them in the laundry box; putting on a mischievous smile on her face. She is looking divine in that not-so-red-not-so-orange saree.  The drop dead gorgeous checked herself for the last time in the mirror and hurried off. Butterfly danced in her stomach as she shut the door of the yellow vehicle.

Are you now wondering who am I? I am just a mere office goer , stuck in a traffic jam in a red light. I have seen him there on the opposite side of my road. Signal turned green and I went off.  I again got stuck a few minutes later in another red light and I caught a glimpse of her. I know both of them dearly. Both are my favourite and close; just like a nostalgic childhood tune.

In the afternoon while coming back from office, I again caught them. Now they met. They hugged each other. Red got over green and the green got over red and they became one. They kissed each other, long , deep and passionate.  Strangely, one invisible cuckoo played the love tune relentlessly as if somebody has given him a duty. “Perfect love birds, I am so happy for you, happy that you finally met. Stay in love, stay young, stay green”- I whispered to myself.

A passer by young boy came towards me and said- “ Didi I am waiting for the full moon to come. I will spread colours red, green, yellow, pink, violet and blue. When will it come?”

‘He’- we call him by the name ‘Spring’ and a pet name ‘Bawshonto’ and ‘She’- we call her ‘Kolkata’ affectionately. 

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